Building the future of financial services

Building the future of financial services

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AML/CFT Webinar Courses

About the FSI

The Financial Services Institute (FSI) is a leading provider of professional development and training programs for the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands. The FSI offers accredited training courses as well as two one year diplomas in Financial Services and Compliance in partnership with two universities.

The FSI is committed to promoting excellence, integrity, and compliance within the sector through education, collaboration, and advocacy.

Diploma Programmes

The Cayman Compliance Diploma (CCD), and the International Financial Services Diploma (IFSD) run the length of a 12-month period and is offered in partnership with various accredited bodies.

Online Certificate Courses

FSI offers several online course modules offered in a webinar format aimed at meeting the ongoing training requirements for regulatory, professional, or personal development purposes.

Please see below a list of FSI programmes and courses

Training and educational courses are available for professionals interested in the international financial services industry.

Our online certificate courses launched in May 2023 and the two diploma programmes run from October 2023 to September 2024.

We also host a variety of in-person seminars.

Diploma Programme

Designed to improve career opportunities for Caymanians and residents working or are interesting in working, in compliance and risk management roles in the Cayman Islands.

Diploma Programme

The International Financial Services Diploma provides a comprehensive introduction to international financial services and its regulation, with a particular emphasis on the Cayman Islands.

Online courses

The FSI offers several course modules aimed at meeting your ongoing AML/CFT training requirements. Each AML/CFT webinar course is accredited by the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.

Online Courses

In addition to the AML/CFT Courses, the FSI’s other courses include topics such as ESG, Preparation for Regulatory Inspections as well as introductory courses on Insurance Management, Investment Funds, Trusts, and Banking amongst others.

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