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About the Course

This course provides an overview of how members of the board of directors of Cayman Islands regulated entities such as investment funds, banks, licensed securities investments and Registered Persons, insurance companies and other entities can improve their oversight of AML risk management of that entity. The course addresses the role of typical board committees, the three lines of defence and AML/CFT red flags that directors should be aware of. It includes guidance on how best to provide oversight on these types of matters at the board level.

Course details

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Duration: 2 hours


Cost: US$300

What’s on the agenda?

Introduction to risk management for directors
Responsibility of the board
Typical board committees that focus on AML/CFT
Expectations of directors
Reporting lines
Introduction to the 3 lines of defense
AML red flags for directors
Dealing with requests for AML/CFT exceptions
Online multiple choice test

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