The IFS Diploma is suitable for anyone looking to get a good grounding in international financial services for a successful career in this industry.

It can be especially helpful to those that are new to the financial services industry or those within the industry who have been working in one area for a while but would like to improve their upward mobility and career opportunities in other areas.

The IFSD provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the financial services sector for non-financial professionals working in the industry. For example, persons working in marketing, operations, HR, accounts, can become much more effective in their respective roles if they had a more authoritative understanding of the industry in the Cayman Islands and the way it works. The course is therefore a strong complement to professional and academic designations such as a CPA, CFA, MBA, qualified attorney, or others.

Cayman Islands government and other public sector employees such as regulators, policymakers, HR and immigration officials and researchers can utilise the program to improve their effectiveness and upward mobility.

The Others with an interest in pursuing a successful and rewarding career in the financial services industry but who possess limited knowledge of the various services can benefit from the comprehensive nature of the course.

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