The CCD is suitable for anyone looking to get a good grounding in the compliance industry or seeking a career generally in the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands.

The CCD will give students the chance of improving their level of understanding of the Cayman Islands regulatory framework with an emphasis on anti-money laundering compliance for increased job effectiveness and career success in risk management and compliance. For professionals as well as non-professionals, the CCD provides students with an edge in an increasingly competitive workplace.

It is designed for persons who are new to the Cayman Islands financial services industry or those already within the industry who are pursuing a career which involves governance, risk management or compliance.

The programme is also a very efficient and effective way for new professionals arriving to the island or those based locally new to the industry, to gain a good functional understanding of how the Cayman Islands regulatory framework operates, and its key institutions and laws.

The CCD is designed to help those who may already have an existing compliance certification but do not have the necessary detailed knowledge of how to apply their general compliance understanding to the types of financial service specifically offered in the Cayman Islands. This is because the course not only introduces each area of financial services but also drills down into the primary aspects of risk management for each sector as it directly relates to the Cayman Islands requirements. Existing compliance qualifications do not provide this level of detail or understanding of the Cayman Islands requirements and framework.

The CCD would be an ideal complement to professional and academic designations such as a CPA, CFA, MBA, qualified attorney, or others.

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